Solar Packages

Xtend Solar Power Management Systems

We are officially offering a manufacturer-direct solar package to meet the needs of almost any RVer. This new feature will allow new buyers to hit the road, ready for their next off-grid adventure, as soon as they pick up their new travel trailer. These new packages bring innovation, safety and freedom to the forefront with their design. You can now add an Xtend Solar Power Management System to all of our RVs. 

Xtend Solar II

Xtend Solar II

The all-new Xtend Solar II allows RVers to power essentials without being tied down to shore power. It's time to take control of your adventures and become the master of the off-the-grid lifestyle. This system comes fully loaded with two 200 watt solar panels, a constant regulated charge with the 30-amp Digital PWM Solar Controller and the added confidence of energy compatibility from a 1800 watt RC-C Inverter. Xtend Solar II brings new possibilities with the ability to run some of the small amenities of your travel trailer all by solar power. 

  • 2-200 watt Solar Panels 
  • 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller 
  • 1800 watt RV-C Inverter

Available on: Super Lite & Starcraft GSL TT

Xtend Solar I

Xtend Solar I

It's time to take charge of your camping. With our Xtend Solar I package, adventure can be as simple as picking your next destination. This system includes a 200 watt solar panelp paired with a 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller, giving RVers peace of mind knowing that the energy going into their battery will not overload the system and provides longevity for the lifetime of your battery. 

  • 200 watt Solar Panel 
  • 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller

Available on: Autumn Ridge, Super Lite, Super Lite Maxx (Mandatory) & Starcraft GSL TT

What is the Benefit of Solar Power?

Taking control of your adventures by adding solar power and batteries to your RV. The capabilities of your panels and battery system are dependent on the package as a whole. Solar panels are designed to pull energy from the sun, and the power is then stored in your batteries to be converted and used throughout your travel trailer. In order to provide our customers with the most reliable packages, we have created a system that will extend the life of your off-grid setup. 

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