Towing Guide

Towing Your Starcraft Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheel RVs

Travel trailers and fifth wheel RVs offer different towing experiences. Both can be towed successfully, so which style you choose is completely up to your personal preference.

Towing Travel Trailers

A travel trailer attaches to your tow vehicle a few feet behind the rear axle with a ball hitch. This provides you with towing options from a variety of vehicle styles like a sedan/car, an SUV or a van – possibly a vehicle you already own, as long as it has sufficient towing capacity (see link to towing guide below). These tow vehicles let you take more passengers on your road trips; if you choose to use a pickup truck, its bed will let you pack more gear for your adventures.

Because the pivot point of a travel trailer is behind the tow vehicle, the trailer’s wheels typically follow its turning path more closely than a fifth wheel. This means you generally won’t need to swing wider around corners as you would a fifth wheel with the same wheelbase.

Towing Fifth Wheels

A fifth wheel trailer connects to the bed of a pickup truck using what’s called a jaw hitch. This puts the pivot point right on top of the rear axle, which some drivers find to be generally more stable than a travel trailer and easier to maneuver, especially when backing into a campsite. Obviously, a 5th wheel also limits your towing options to a truck with a jaw hitch.

Essential Resource: Trailer Life Towing Guide

Trailer Life, an industry-leading magazine, delivers a wealth of information and resources for both the newbie and the seasoned RVer. We highly recommend you check out their towing guides dating back to 1999 to find towing tips as well as detailed information on your specific make and model’s towing capacity, ratings.