Why Starcraft

When it comes to choosing an RV manufacturer, we recognize you have a lot of options. At Starcraft RV, we believe in pushing boundaries. We take great pride in our history as a travel trailer and fifth wheel RV manufacturer and continue our quest to exceed the expectations of our customers and our industry while being good stewards of the environment. Below are just a few of the reasons we think Starcraft is a one-of-a-kind choice for your next recreational vehicle.

Starcraft RV 3-Year Warranty

Three-Year Warranty

At Starcraft, we are proud to back our RV brands with a 3-Year Limited Structural Warranty plus a 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty—freedom from worry is your best travel companion.

Magnum RoofTM System

Magnum Roof System Starcraft RV

Stronger Is Better

Strength is one of the basic principles of engineering. The stronger something is built, the longer it will last. As an experienced travel trailer and fifth wheel RV manufacturer, we understand strength comes from within, which is why we focused on the smallest of details when constructing the Magnum RoofTM system. From sturdier vertical studs to 7” header beams, we pride ourselves on staying at the top of our game – building stronger brands that last. (Select models)

Committed to Quality Excellence

By conducting extensive testing of the Magnum Roof system against the competition, we can be confident in the superior quality of our RV brands. We put all of our time and effort into making a long lasting, quality camper at an affordable price.

Built to Last for Years to Come

Staying true to our pursuit of affordability and durability, we use the highest quality materials available, state-of-the art engineering techniques, and time-tested design. At Starcraft, we’ve built a reputation for superior construction and quality craftsmanship. That commitment is demonstrated by Starcraft’s Magnum Roof system that is stronger than other roofs in the industry and built to last. We’ve taken the worries and “what-if’s” off the table and provided a product that allows you to enjoy camping – pure and simple.

Testing the Limits – Starcraft Strength Test

At Starcraft we do more than simply state our Magnum Roof system is stronger than the competition. By testing the Magnum Roof system against the competition, Starcraft has demonstrated the strength and durability used to ensure the highest quality roof system on the market.

Magnum Roof System Starcraft RV

Our research and development team tested the strength of Starcraft’s Magnum Roof compared to that of the competition. We stacked 36lb. cement blocks onto the 8’x6′ roof of a Starcraft travel trailer and onto a competitor’s roof of the same size. The results were measured at each phase of the testing. The competitor’s roof reached 1 ¼” deflection at 2,304 lbs. while Starcraft’s Magnum Roof held 4,608 lbs. before deflecting the same amount, proof the Magnum Roof system is 50% stronger!

We Prove It.

Starcraft RV Construction Strength Test
Starcraft RV Construction Strength Test

The Magnum Roof deflected slightly more than 3/8″

The competition deflected 7/8″

At this weight, the competitor’s roof gives more than twice the distance of the Magnum Roof.

Starcraft RV Construction Strength Test
Starcraft RV Construction Strength Test

At this weight, the Magnum Roof deflected slightly more than 1″ while the competition deflected 10″ (800% more)

Starcraft RV Construction Strength Test
Starcraft RV Construction Strength Test

The Magnum Roof deflected only 1 1/4″

The competition’s roof collapsed.

Starcraft RV TuffShell Vacuum-Bonded Lamination


Built Better

Using TuffShellTM vacuum-bonded lamination, our walls combine welded aluminum framing, fiberglass sidewalls and metal backers, ensuring your camper can handle the toughest conditions. (Select models)

eco advantage logo Starcraft RV

The Starcraft EcoAdvantageTMOur RV Company’s Commitment to Protecting the Environment.

Through smart sustainability efforts, we’re creating better ways to build better RVs using fewer or renewable natural resources. It’s a journey – we won’t get there overnight. But after more than 50 years as a camper manufacturer, we know all about long-term commitment and the unwavering passion it requires. This is our commitment to you—to build a better RV so that we can do a better job of protecting our planet.

Welcome the Weather

Extend your camping season with climate packages, featuring forced air heated and enclosed underbellies (most models).
*To prevent freezing and damage, our RVs should be winterized if they will be exposed to temperatures that will fall at or below 32°F (0°C). Starcraft’s limited warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing.