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Bunkhouse Fifth Wheel RV & Travel Trailer Advantages

When your adventures include three or more people – especially kids – bunkhouse units are a great option. One advantage is that kids love to have their own special space where they can share secrets and squirrel away their toys, clothes and games away from the daily living area. With a few blankets and some extra creativity, the bunks can become forts for making sweet childhood memories.

Another advantage to bunkhouse RVs is that the adults also have a place to go while the kids are sleeping. After a long day of exploring and a quiet evening around the campfire, you can send the kids to bed while the adults play cards or cozy up to a movie. And when it’s raining outside, you can each find your own place to get away and stay dry.

Bunkhouses also allow you to keep your living area functional during the day. Some campers let you convert a living space, such as a dinette or sofa, into a bed. This works for some families and situations. However, if you have to convert this space every evening and morning – and maybe once or twice during the day for nap time – it can be a hassle. By dedicating space to a sleeping area, bunkhouses let you focus less on making the space work and more on creating memories.