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Expandable / Hybrid Camper, Travel Trailer & RV Advantages

Given their length, expandable RVs deliver lots of living space in a relatively small package. Depending on the floor plan, you can gain 6 to 8 feet of living space by pushing out the bunk ends. For this reason, your sitting area, kitchen and bathroom can all be larger than a similarly sized travel trailer, without having to convert the living area. Some Starcraft hybrids campers offer up to 3 queen size beds without having to use the dinette or couch as a bed. This allows you to sleep more people and fit into a campsite that a larger camper might not fit into.

Hybrids also allow you travel with a smaller tow vehicle. Compared to a traditional travel trailer or fifth wheel with the same amount of sleeping and living space, you’re towing a smaller, lighter camper. If you’re not sure what your vehicle can tow – or what kind of vehicle you should consider to tow the hybrid camper that catches your eye – we recommend checking out the Tow Guide.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of hybrid travel trailers is that unlike traditional units, hybrids let in lots of natural light and breeze so you feel close to the outdoors. Fans of expandable RVs are often experienced tent campers who like to fall asleep in a soft breeze and awaken to the sweet sounds of wildlife in the woods or a softly flowing creek. Hybrid campers deliver that true tent-camping feel without sacrificing the comforts of a hard-sided RV.