Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

Advantages of Small Travel Trailers

Small travel trailers share the benefit of fitting easily into most campground spots, and they’re more convenient than large units in terms of storage and maintenance at home. They’re generally easier on the budget, and many people prefer these smaller RVs simply based on personal preference; they like the “cute” factor or the appeal of quickly packing up and heading off for the next weekend journey.

Other advantages of smaller campers vary depending on the style you choose:

  • Small travel trailers can generally be pulled by smaller vehicles. These vehicle styles allow you to take more passengers on the road.
  • Small fifth wheel campers often offer more storage space compared to travel trailer models the same length. Some drivers prefer small 5th wheels because they are thought to be less prone to swaying while on the road. Many say they’re overall more maneuverable and easier to back up and hitch alone without guidance.

For towing guidance on any of these small camper styles, take a look at the Tow Guide.